Android – Battery went haywire after flashing ROM


Nerds love Android! There is so much to discover and play around with in the Android sub-system. Moreover, if you don’t like something in your phone, you might as well change it yourself. Don’t like the default camera? There’s an app for that! Need more control on the Android, root it and flash a new ROM on it. Hold on, why is my battery getting drained out so quickly after flashing?

Now, this problem has been rated as fictional on some phones. The issue can be described as – Everything was fine when I flashed my ROM to this awesome one. I have flashed my phone’s ROM thousands of times but this time something weird happened. Now my phone’s battery gets drained out pretty quickly. There are no new services or processes. As such, I haven’t even installed many apps on the new ROM. What’s wrong with my battery?

The truth is – there’s nothing with your battery. Only a battery configuration file is corrupted. So, how can that be fixed? There’s an app for that. 😛

The app is called Battery Caliberation and available on the Google Play Store for free. Here’s what the developer has written in the description:

Calibration needs to be done after flashing a new ROM. This program does it by removing the batterystats.bin system file. The OS generates a new clean batterystats file soon, does any fake information from the previous ROM is removed.
It’s suggested, but not necessary, to let the phone fully discharge after calibration, then charged to 100% without break.

After flashing my ROM for the fifth time, I realized that the battery only lasted 16 hours which was far less than the 48 hours I was getting earlier. This app fixed my problem and hence the recommendation.

How to use:

The app is really easy to use. All you need to do is charge your phone to 100% and then open the app. Click on the ‘Battery Caliberation’ button. This would delete the batterystats.bin file. Now make sure to fully discharge the battery before charging it. Make sure to charge it to 100%.

Happy flashing!

PS. You do NOT need to caliberate your battery every time you flash your phone’s ROM. But, it might be useful if you start facing issues with your phone’s battery.


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