Sharepoint 2010 – Execute Workflow only on change of a particular list column

Sharepoint 2010 allows for automating tasks through Workflows. These tasks may range from approval to coordinating group efforts to issue tracking.¬†SharePoint¬†Designer is used to create Declarative Workflows. A declarative workflow is built from conditions and actions. These are arranged into rules and steps that set the parameters for the workflow. Did I mention all this […]


About Bricks and Boot options – Samsung Galaxy Y

The beauty of having an Android phone – Things always go wrong! It is a great opportunity to learn more about the technology that makes your phone tick. Unlike the Black Box from the fruit company. What happens when you brick your phone? How do you unbrick it without shelling out a huge sum to […]

JQuery Sharepoint

Sharepoint 2010 – Add a ‘Last Updated’ column in custom List

A ‘Last Updated’ column would have been cool feature for Sharepoint 2010 Lists. One look at the list and you would know how much time has elapsed since the items were updated. Something like, ‘This list item was updated 3 days ago’.