SharePoint Episode CCXIII: A New Dope

Yes, its official! SharePoint 2013 is now available for us. Before I begin my rant on why the days of a SharePoint custom developer are numbered, here is a sneak peek into the new features of SP 2013

These sketches were found in my notebook after a session on SP 2013. There were no accompanying notes.

Cloud hosted apps: The cloud is here to stay. Apps and cloud hosting, welcome to the future.


Intuitive UI: The boxed up Metro interface from Windows 8 also makes an appearance here. And boy, it looks jazzy. Non-rounded corners never looked so good. In your face, iFruit company!


Embracing the outside world: SP 2013 supports OAuth2.0. And OData makes an entry. As in 2010, RESTful web services are the future, lest we forget.


Search: Search plays an important role. Considering the fact that SharePoint is mainly used in enterprises with lot of content, it is about time Search became the backbone of the ECM WCM.


Web Content Management: Yes, you read it right! ECM is out, WCM is in. And there is something called cross-site publishing.


Social features: You need not LIKE this features. The social features in SharePoint have seen major improvements with LIKEs, Ratings and Re-Share.


(If you want to re-use any part of this article, feel free to do so. Just let me know that you are using it.)


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