Android – Morph it, Ninja Style!

Are you bored with how your Android phone looks? Tired of using themes (Go Locker, Launcher Pro) that don’t give you enough freedom. What if you could change all the boring images and icons on your screen into something sexy? There’s only one word – NinjaMorph!

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ASP.NET, Visual Studio

How to recover the .aspx.designer.cs file

In ASP.NET, a web application consists of (a lot of) ASPX pages. These ASPX pages are actually a combination of three files:

  • FileName.aspx – Layout and User interface
  • FileName.aspx.cs – The code-behind file that contains the functionality (ideally)
  • FileName.aspx.designer.cs – The file that contains information about all the controls being used in the ASPX page. DO NOT TOUCH!

*.cs denotes C#. the extension would be .vb for VB.Net

Now, coding can get really frustrating at times and you would permanently delete a file from Source Control in anger before you came back to your senses. And it would be too late! Not quite!

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