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SharePoint 2013 – Disable multiple columns in Quick Edit

Until SP 2010, the datasheet was quite useful but rudimentary. It was an ActiveX control that did not allow any alterations to be made. With 2013, Microsoft came up with a slightly (very slightly) better replacement called the Quick Edit.

Quick Edit uses HTML5, has a better layout and uses JSGrid to render the data. Check this post for details about that ( ).

The author, Anatoly Mironov, has another post that explains how to lock a single field in the Quick Edit. ( ).

However, if you are like me and promised the client all sorts of functionality in the Quick Edit, read on.

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Sharepoint 2010 – Execute Workflow only on change of a particular list column

Sharepoint 2010 allows for automating tasks through Workflows. These tasks may range from approval to coordinating group efforts to issue tracking. SharePoint Designer is used to create Declarative Workflows. A declarative workflow is built from conditions and actions. These are arranged into rules and steps that set the parameters for the workflow. Did I mention all this happens without writing any code?

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