SharePoint 2010 – This page is not using a valid page layout

Migrating content from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 is a pain. Especially with sites that have publishing enabled. Sometimes the migrated pages really feel uncomfortable in their new environment and show this error:

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Sharepoint 2010 – Execute Workflow only on change of a particular list column

Sharepoint 2010 allows for automating tasks through Workflows. These tasks may range from approval to coordinating group efforts to issue tracking. SharePoint Designer is used to create Declarative Workflows. A declarative workflow is built from conditions and actions. These are arranged into rules and steps that set the parameters for the workflow. Did I mention all this happens without writing any code?

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ASP.NET, Visual Studio

How to recover the .aspx.designer.cs file

In ASP.NET, a web application consists of (a lot of) ASPX pages. These ASPX pages are actually a combination of three files:

  • FileName.aspx – Layout and User interface
  • FileName.aspx.cs – The code-behind file that contains the functionality (ideally)
  • FileName.aspx.designer.cs – The file that contains information about all the controls being used in the ASPX page. DO NOT TOUCH!

*.cs denotes C#. the extension would be .vb for VB.Net

Now, coding can get really frustrating at times and you would permanently delete a file from Source Control in anger before you came back to your senses. And it would be too late! Not quite!

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Disappearing page title of Webpart page in Sharepoint 2010

According to the Microsoft website:

SharePoint collaboration software helps simplify business intelligence, content management, search, and sharing for intranet and internet sites.

It is pretty useful for large enterprises which require a collaborative platform (read, team site/portal/workspace) that doesn’t need too much effort for deployment and maintenance. But if you are a software engineer trying to get his hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of things, it can get pretty bad. Like it happened to me:
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